Shock Aero


Vista Aero effect for XP



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It seems that software developers are not satisfied by Windows Vista but they have realized that users want to experience those new movements and effects even when they use Windows XP.

Shock Aero is revealed to us as an interesting option by the creators of Shock 4Way 3D. If Shock 4Way 3D offered us several virtual desktops, now we can enjoy a 3D environment where our windows fly. By that way, we will be able to choose the window we want at a glance, just press Alt+Tab and see how your windows fly in a new and amazing 3D environment. It's Vista Aero interface, but you can enjoy it when you use Windows XP.

Shock Aero also includes other visualization effect which emulates the one we experience when we use Mac OS Tiger: open windows are shown on desktop and we can choose the one we want just clicking it.
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